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Goodness of Karma

                  'Do good and the good will come to you'

This is an anonymous quote I picked up and I felt I could relate it  to what I was going to write on Karma.

Having known the meaning of it, I strongly believe in it.  We as human sometimes fail to keep up with the thought that we should be aware of whatever goes around does comes back around.
it may mean in the way we treat others, or the things we do or sometimes even the way we choose to lead our life, it all comes under the circumstances on how it is going to effect us later on.

We often want people to treat us the way we want them to, but if we were the one who does not give them the same good treatments how are we suppose to get back the similar positive outcomes? Maybe, we might feel and think that it is not going to do any harm or do any worse on us, then I bet we could be wrong, I mean you dnt get what you dnt give. For instance you go on and hug someone and it wont turn out the way where they will push you, in fact they will hold unto you and hug back even tighter. Similarly, you smile at a stranger they will smile back at you too. Just so, life is the same too you receive goodness on giving one to others.

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I often hear people saying  'Karma will hit you back even harder', does it mean it will smack you on your face or does it mean it will bounce back at you, I bet the later sounds much appropriate. We will indeed get what we give, or say we shall reap what we sow.

 No matter what it is, at the end it is all about how you have been living your life the way you wanted and it is also about how you have been managing and dealing with it and the people around the right way. We would surely want to be treated with love and kindness, if not atleast don't be rude, just be a little kind enough so that you can get it back in return.

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I may sound like a goody good girl but, i always try to treat everyone as the way I want them to treat me. Also, It must be because I so strongly believe in this 'karma thingy'  I am actually kind of scared of it (serious) I dnt want it smacking on my face, I mean who really wants it to? So, whenever some good things happens to me or when certain moments turns out to be exactly as i wanted,  you will often hear me say, 'Karma is kind, therefore it is taking my side'.
And  it will actually turn out good because maybe, I must have  done things rightly or treated someone the good way in the past.
So, go on... be Kind to someone today, trust me it will come back to you someday.




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