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Goodness of Karma

                                   'Do good and the good will come to you' This is an anonymous quote I picked up and I felt I could relate it  to what I was going to write on Karma. Having known the meaning of it, I strongly believe in it.  We as human sometimes fail to keep up with the thought that we should be aware of whatever goes around does comes back around. it may mean in the way we treat others, or the things we do or sometimes even the way we choose to lead our life, it all comes under the circumstances on how it is going to effect us later on. We often want people to treat us the way we want them to, but if we were the one who does not give them the same good treatments how are we suppose to get back the similar positive outcomes? Maybe, we might feel and think that it is not going to do any harm or do any worse on us, then I bet we could be wrong, I mean you dnt get what you dnt give. For instance you go on and hug someone and it wont turn out the way whe

Selfless Love

Image Credit -Google She is someone who is ready to sacrifice her comfort for the love of her child. Someone, wh o will say 'yes' despite the various consequences. She carried you alone on her womb for nine months enduring all pain yet, not a single complain on any days. She went in pain to give life to another being. She may be quite, although there are millions of thoughts and words going through her mind. She would spent those sleepless night to see that her son does better in his test. And, she tries her best to cook the perfect dinner so that her husband can go to bed with a happy stomach. She might as well give up all her wellbeing to let her daughter get the best of everything. She bears all the hardship to see that the house is in good shape and in peace. She is your mother, My mother, Our dearest Mother. And, most of the time we fail to say the simplest of thank you to her, or the little word of appreciation to make her feel she is spe