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Zest for Living

So, today I just thought of making a list on things that can make life worthwhile and which can indeed keep you going and feel much alive, we usually have our own concern and worries to take care of, and we often fail to follow some simple yet, helpful principles which can actually make us feel much alive if not happy.

And, that's when I thought why not share some of my own principles on achieving a blissful life. It does much help to me. It might work on you too.

So, here they are...

-          Waking up each morning with a new hope, a new day is equal to a new hope.

-          Leaving behind all worries and stress, for you know things will eventually fall in its own places with time.

-          Smile often it will end making others smile too. For it is said, ‘a smile is contagious’ so why not spread it around. Make someone smile today with your sweet grin.

-          Forgive and forget, this one is usually heard saying by many but, followed only by few.  It is not an easy task to forgive your enemy but, believe me nothings better than the thought of not having any grudge on others.

-          Eat healthy (a healthy heart is always a happy one) so, stay healthy.

-          Have a wish list, an aim or a goal to achieve, it will allow you to have the enthusiasm to go ahead with life and fulfill them all one by one.

-          Don’t give up, there is nothing wrong in giving it a try even if you fail. Just keep trying, at least you won’t regret later on for not giving it a try.

-          Do listen to others woes it makes you realize that you are someone who gives comfort to them even if it’s just listening. They will do the same when you need a listening ear.

-          Write down your thoughts, don’t let it get wasted keeping it all in your head. There will be someone who wishes to know on what your views are.

-          Listen to good music, it really does wonder when you are feeling low.

-          Do things that makes you happy instead of choosing for things which you are compelled to do.

-          Have yourself a ‘Me’ time.

-          Catch a good nap.

-          Leave behind good memories on other people’s lives (trust me, they will remember you throughout their life)

-          Lastly, this one always been my favorite… ‘Listen to your Heart’ like always.. there is no one in this world who knows you better than your  own ‘Heart’ no matter what, it will guide you to take the necessary steps and decision on whatever it maybe.

Although, I don’t always follow all that is listed here, I do make sure I follow few of them and it gives me immense peace and also to go ahead in life with even more strong intuitions.
Make your life worth living with this simple principles.


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