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Zest for Living

So, today I just thought of making a list on things that can make life worthwhile and which can indeed keep you going and feel much alive, we usually have our own concern and worries to take care of, and we often fail to follow some simple yet, helpful principles which can actually make us feel much alive if not happy. And, that's when I thought why not share some of my own principles on achieving a blissful life. It does much help to me. It might work on you too. So, here they are... -           Waking up each morning with a new hope, a new day is equal to a new hope. -           Leaving behind all worries and stress, for you know things will eventually fall in its own places with time. -           Smile often it will end making others smile too. For it is said, ‘a smile is contagious’ so why not spread it around. Make someone smile today with your sweet grin. -           Forgive and forget, this one is usually heard saying by many but,