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Buying Time.

 Image Credit -Google 'Time' a thing which makes the world go round with its ticking. Well, yeah it  does make us obey it. And normally when you are a grown up its when you feel you are getting less of the so called  the 'time' to do everything and just anything. We often hear people say ' I am running late, I have no time now, I have to do this as soon as possible and so on'. why? why are people all rushing for? I mean why can't they take it slow. I know 'Time is a precious thing' but, this precious thing is putting a halt for us to enjoy all those precious moment in a slow manner. Well, I was one of those people who wanted things to be done as soon as possible without wasting much ado,  I was literally always in hurry because I don't wish to waste 'Time'.. But, then it was until I realized that I was going wrong. I sometime call up my friends to ask them on how their life is , and most of the replies I get is , been bus