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Don't push People away!!

well.. here, I didn't mean it in the literal way of 'pushing them', you don't necessarily need to push them unless they really do need one (kidding, am not that mean). what I meant was not to  'shun' away those people whom you feel are/were close to you. As we grow old we often tend to stray away from those whom we were once close with, which many a times happens because of our changes in life,the distances or situation surrounding us. And those people can be our high school friends, our childhood pals or our once college besties. Image Credit-Google With times I have realized that, there are some people who no longer keeps the same bond which they once had  when they were close, maybe it is our busy life which is to be blamed for or say the gaps between! and, it is indeed sad  to think that you can no longer share the same secrets to your close buddy with whom you always did when you were friends. If only we had spared a little time to wish th