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I chose to be Happy...!  And that is my choice indeed, nobody forced me nor did anyone asked me to be. I believe in the fact that human are the master of their own self,  yes we are our own master and it is us who choose whatever we want, or whatever we do. Maybe, there are times when we are stuck in a situation where we should either be happy or be sad, and we may have a hard time figuring out which one to go forth. As one such human, I do believe we can do whatever we want to, it is more like having the freedom to pick our own kind of emotions anytime. We seldom make up our own mind and go ahead with what is planned, but it is easier said than done, we tend to overthink a situation which is long gone or which is yet to happen and give a pause on being contented for the very moment. However, when certain situation compel us, we are bothered by the things which makes us unhappy or awfully bad. So, I finally found the solution i.e I try to push away those gone bad moments and


Image Credit- Google Speak up, what's on your mind. Lest, people will say you are mute. Talk, when needed. Or, the world may take you as someone with no voice. Answer, the queries when asked For if not, your enemies will escape the truth. Being alone does not matter. If you have the power to defend. And, it will only happen if you no longer pretend. Don’t, hold onto your breath. Don’t stay still, if you can move forward. For Once you speak up your unheard voice. All those in struggle will no longer suffer. Let alone the evil go in flame. Image Credit- Google Set yourself alongside the game. Speak your heart out, speak now... For, once you speak the truth, all those wicked will go down.