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Media Economic Assignment..!

Extracted from Wikipedia Link and Harper's Bazaar Website;
The Articles includes the following Information of Harper’s Bazaar.
1.Their Business, mission or vision.
2.Their target audience.
3.Their products(I.e. do they publish any other magazines, newspaper, newsletter)
4.Their Circulation.
5.Their advertisements and branding services including rates.
6.Their other source of revenue apart from advertisement and branding
                                A Magazine  does not last 146 years by standing still.
                               It endures by continually reinventing itself, always striving to
                                            delight, inform, and inspire its readers.

                                          This is the story of Harper's BAZAAR.

                                                     We are fashion.
                       Both visual muse and an unrivaled source of own able style
                                  We turn the unexpected into th…